Bonnie K.

David is an excellent Realestate agent. Thoughtful , professional and very patient too. I highly recommend him. I have a lot of friends and also family who are Realestate agents this made it very difficult near impossible to choose an agent without having people everyone else angry with me . David came highly recommended. 

I was fragile since I had just come off a very bad experiences in the past with the two Realestate agents that originally sold me my house. I went to one of the agent that sold me my house because  I trusted him yet this  time there was no due diligence done by him.   In fact he gave my keys to a tenant without receiving a deposit or checking his ID and the guy became a squatter that never paid me a dime and did damage to my home .  . Once I got the squatter out and made 30,000 in repairs to my home I put it up for rent again and sale and this time I used the other agent from my original purchase to list for sale and rent at the same time. This agent rather than have to spend time or money to do any work he wanted  me to lower my price for a quick sale. The pictures he took were unprofessional. He even listed my Calabasas home in the Westside rental place for rent and cost me a lot of money in lost income . I ended up firing the second agent and hiring a friend that had someone from the Northrige gas leak rent within a week . I also hired David who was very accommodating he worked within the tenants schedule and still sold the house in a short period of time . If I had listened to the agent  about dropping my price I would have 100,000 less in my pocket today. David agreed to a price , had a drone shoot Beautiful footage of my property, made beautiful full colored cards and worked hard until i got what I wanted. He was incredible!

— Bonnie K.